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Pet Grooming


Our grooming spa was created in an "open" area where pets are not left in "back rooms" unseen. It was designed to give a homey atmosphere so pets can feel more relaxed and see what is going on.

Grooming can be stressful for dogs since they do not know where they are are going or what is going on. JoAnn, our professional head groomer, has 32 years of experience and most of her doggie customers run in to greet her--she knows their names and they feel happy and content knowing they are in good hands.

Donna, owner of Shaggy Chic, is a graduate of Nash Academy of Animal Arts. She is an experienced groomer and pet handler known for her gentleness. She handles frightened animals with ease, gaining their confidence. She takes her time to pamper each and every pet and assures pet owners and pets alike that there is nothing to worry about--you are in good hands.

Shaggy Chic offers In/Out appointments at the earliest time slot--8:30 a.m. for those pets who are frightened by the holding crates and confinement. Owners must state they want In/Out appointments and we will kindly groom pets to get done so they don't have to be crated.  Please note you will need to specify when calling to make grooming appointment. Because of so many clients that specify this, we cannot have owners stay for grooming and wait in the lobby.

Shaggy Chic uses all natural grooming products, mostly hypo-allergenic, on all pets. We groom to pets' specific breeds or simply per owner's directions. We can create "funky" haircuts or just traditional/standard cuts--your choice. All haircuts are hand-scissored and we also use clippers. Pets are dried using hand blowdryers. Pet confinement and drying cage units are not used.

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puppy cut on a Bernese Mountain Dog